Development and implementation of a key visual for the 9th Human Rights Award, awarded by Amnesty International Germany. The award is given to people and organisations who work under the most adverse conditions to defend human rights.
Frederik Hofmann, CD
Alex Bachor, AD
Ozan Y. Kaya, Grafik
Marc Jahn, Text
Alexander Kilian, Photo


The visual creates the connection between the tireless hope of the victims and daily violence and torture. Despite the harassment, the people people and employees of the clinic will continue to fight, stand up for the victims and treat them.
© Amnesty International, Foto: Alexander Kilian (simulated scene)

The women and people around El-Nadeem run the only clinic of this kind in Egypt. The authorities repeatedly tried to prevent her from working and to close the center - which also happened in February 2017. But despite these limitations, people continue to work.
9. Human Right Awards, Amnesty International, Volksbühne BERLIN

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